Soviet statistics as a historical source


The main purpose of the article is to identify capabilities of soviet statistics as a historical source. Basic information on this type of historical sources is represented. The article is concerned with a significant tradition of the soviet society studying. Research methods: comparative, logical, historical, analysis and synthesis, systematic, historical-genetic, method of historiographical image. Main results. The article describes a large toolkit for working with statistics: mathematical correction of censuses, research on falsifications and political pressure. A number of themes are considered including soviet statistics as mass historical source. The article reports on relevance and accessibility of soviet statistics nowadays. Concise conclusions. Ukrainian and foreign historians have created a large number of conceptual reviews of Soviet statistics. The author outlines some classification types of soviet statistics. It is specially noted on little-known aspects of soviet sources studying. Special attention is given to the verification of statistics of the USSR for authenticity and representativeness.  Internet sites with open access to soviet statistics are considered. The paper studies leading concepts about changing the accounting of economic and demographic indicators of Soviet Union. Stalin era is described as main factor in the development of soviet statistics. The article reveals this concept and scrutinize it critique in historiography. Practical significance: recommended for use by authors of articles about the economic and the population history. Originality: the practical experience of scientific research and reference materials devoted to the features of  statistical (mass) sources is generalized. Scientific novelty: the first of proposed the image of development soviet statistics with source problems in historiography. The formation of central and local statistic bodies in Ukrainian and foreign studies is described. The article reveals the main statistic sources and scrutinize their critique in historiography. Article type: descriptive.

Author Biography

Yevhen Kravchenko, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Master of History and Archeology, Postgraduate Student, Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archival Studies, Faculty of History, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine.


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