Decentralization of the Ukrainian authorities: concept, introduction, results of its stag (2014–2018)


The purpose of the paper is to highlight the process of decentralizing power in Ukraine, using historical methodology. First of all, dialectics, that is, the fragmentation of the process in the unity of its contradictions, and the principle of historicism, which requires comprehension of the essence of a particular historical period and the discovery of its immanent features.Subject of democratic reforms in Ukraine is extremely important, so this topic is widely studied by experts in the field of public administration, economics, law, sociology. Among the most topical ones is the problem of introducing and implementing a modern decentralization reform in Ukraine. Most publications contain analysis of problems and recommendations for reform. However, unfortunately, we must note that some publications of our colleagues is not so much scientific as information and propaganda. In addition, the problem is still beyond the control of historical science. Including the fact that this reform is not yet completed, only the first stage has passed. It is believed that historians have not yet come the time to analyze current processes and current phenomena. Because we believe that the processes of modern democratic reforms in Ukraine are no less interesting and relevant to historians than for specialists from other humanities.  Strength and social health of the state are determined not only by the respective qualities of state administration, but also by the inclusion of the society itself, the strengthening of local self-government, the involvement of the energy of the entire population, the creation of civil society. That is why the most urgent tasks to be solved in the course of the development of the Ukrainian state were the task of developing local self-government and decentralization of power. Unfortunately, the relevant attempts made during 1990-2013 were half-hearted and generally unsuccessful because of the reluctance of the central government to give real rights and powers to local self-government, territorial communities. Starting in 2014, a decentralized government reform is being introduced in Ukraine, the first phase of which was completed in 2018. At this stage, emphasis was placed on the creation of united territorial communities and the provision of certain economic and financial autonomy. The Ukrainian authorities categorically rejected any proposals on federalization and regionalization, that is, the provision of autonomy to regions and the real strengthening of regional authorities. At the same time, she showed extraordinary activity, determination and persistence in creating united territorial communities. At the same time, despite the promised voluntary, central authorities sometimes used various direct and covert coercive methods. Overall, the goal was achieved. However, the strengthening of the independence of the communities of large cities has, in practice, strengthened the local elites, which became more authoritative and influential than the nation-wide politicians, who were mostly characterized by incompetence and abuse of their powers for their own enrichment. As a result, in Ukraine there was a threat of federalization, which the central government fears. Large cities can become the basis for such federalization in the face of a fall in confidence in the central government. Local government democracy could be more obvious in the event of a decentralization reform on all fronts: the constitutional and legal provision of self-government, the creation of executive committees of regional and district councils with the proper authority, governors' election, the establishment of appointed commissioners and prefects with strictly supervisory functions, such as it is accepted in most developed countries of the world. Obviously, such measures can not in any way endanger the unity, unity of the state, if the state is truly authoritative, strong and legal. After all, in the state - as in a separate team: if it is headed by a true leader, every employee is a creative person, and not an obediently gray performer.

Author Biography

Hennadii Kryvchyk, Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazarian

D. Sc. (History), Professor, Head of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Faculty of Economics and Humanities, Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan, Dnipro, Ukraine.


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