Activities of the underground Ukrainian Red Cross in the UIA ranks on the territory of Galicia in 1943-1944


The purpose of the article is to study the process of creation and functioning of the underground Ukrainian Red Cross, its interaction with the local population during the period 1943-1944 in Galicia under the conditions of the Nazi occupation. The methodological basis of the research is the general scientific principles of objectivity, comprehensiveness and historicism. The work uses logical, problem-chronological and comparative methods. Scientific novelty. The article attempts to analyze the structure, territorial division and management structure, and the main directions of activity of this organization within the limits of Galicia, as one separate region. Practical meaning. The study of the activities of this organization is an important element for understanding the principles of the work of the underground Ukrainian Red Cross as a component of the red cross movement on the territory of Galicia in the first half of the twentieth century. Main results and conclusion. The article deals with the activities of the Ukrainian Red Cross in the ranks of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army on the territory of Galicia during the period of the Nazi occupation. The aggregate of factors that influenced the underground activity of the Ukrainian Red Cross was highlighted. In particular, the regional features that caused certain differences in the work of the Red Cross on this territory in comparison with other areas of UIA activity were investigated. The structure, territorial division and management structure of this organization are described within the limits of one separate region – Galicia. The main directions of the work of the Underground Red Cross are considered. The peculiarities of provision of medical care, the organization of hospitals and the problem of the training of medical personnel in the conditions of the underground are analyzed. The main ways of material and technical support of the Ukrainian Red Cross are highlighted. The role of the local population and the medical community of Galicia in providing the Red Cross with medications, medicinal plants and the necessary inventory is revealed. The author of the study concludes that for the activities of the Ukrainian Red Cross during the period 1943-1944 on the territory of Galicia were characterized by their regional features that facilitated or created more favorable conditions for the functioning of this organization. It should be noted separately that the role of the local population in supporting the work of this structure – the provision of medicines, food and money. In general, the author evaluates the activity of UHF in this period as an important stage of the red-circular movement in the territory of Galicia in the first half of the twentieth century. The Underground Red Cross is regarded as an organization that has become the successor of humanitarian communities of the same type that functioned in the specified territory in previous years, in particular the URC department in Lviv, established in June 1941. One of the important factors contributing to the work of this organization was the activity of the medical environment, which manifested itself in promoting the activities of this structure by well-known doctors and graduates of medical higher education institutions. Among them, in particular – Iryna Babonyak – "Nina", Ivan Shvak – Shul, Bogdan Yanogo – Kruk – "Meleodia". Type of article: empirical.

Author Biography

Oleh V. Oliynyk, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

Master of History, Postgraduate student of the Department of World History of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University


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