Archaeological exploration in the Dnipropetrovsk region in 2017


Materials of archaeological exploration of monuments without land characteristics in the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region in 2017 are reported. The work is conditioned by the necessity to establish the safety of archaeological objects that have already been registered by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center for the Protection of the Historical and Cultural Values and which have recently been revealed. The settlement near the village Vilne of Novomoskovsk was explored in 2005. It occupies the natural cape of the right bank of the Samara river. It is located 1 km to the NE from the village outskirts. The area of the settlement is limited to two sources of drinking water. In the central part of the cape there are four pits. Stratigraphy is established, the thickness of the cultural layer is 0,8–0,9 m. The area of the monument is 50 x 20 m. The artifacts are represented by fragments dishes of clay: walls, bottoms and top part of vessels. The dishes are ornamented with rollers, drawn lines, embossed lines. The numerous bones found belong to large and small cattle and a horse. There are pieces of slag. All matherials refer to the Boguslav-Belozersk culture of the Late Bronze Age. In the Sinelnikovo District, a settlement near the village Zaporozhets near Sinelnikovo was investigated. It was discovered by the work of the DniproHES expedition of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the late 1920s. Territorially occupies part of the cape of the left bank of the river Dnepr from the village. Not digging. As a result of the survey of the monument in the 1970s, A. V. Bodiansky and L. P. Krylova collected numerous artifacts that reflect the destruction of the cultural layer. The pits laid in 2017 by the Dnipropetrovsk National University on the area of the settlement testify to its further destruction as a result of the natural factor (flooding of the Dnieper river) and active anthropogenic activity of the last decades. The cultural layer with thickness up to 0.4 m is poorly saturated with finds. Archaeological materials include single fragments of ceramics with a glossy Saltov-type surface and animals bones. The carried out researches testify to the preservation of only the peripheral part of the object, which chronologically and culturally represents the Late Slavonian period in the history of the ancient population of Nadporozhye.

Author Biographies

Zoia` P. Marina, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

PhD in History, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archival Studies of the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Olexandra V. Romashko, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

PhD in History, Associate Professor of the Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Archival Studies of the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University


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