Organizational Aspects of Higher Historical Education Functioning in Lviv between 1944−1957

  • Iryna P. Antonyak Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


The key issues of this work are the definition of all the development patterns and trends of higher historical education in Lviv during 1944−1957. During this period, it was possible to gain an education in history at the Lviv State University and at the Lviv State Pedagogical Institute. The main attention is paid to the problems faced by the history faculties in the post-war years: material and technical support, selection of teaching staff, recruitment of students for studying, and also the introduction of an ideological component into all areas of higher historical education. Demand for "ideological direction" had a significant impact on the educational-methodological and ideological process, which led to theestablishment of Soviet historical concepts, changes in the content of historical education and its unification under theSoviet style. The influence of party politics reflected on the teaching staff of the history faculties, because in this period attention was focused not only on professional qualities, but also on political convictions. This position was justified for the purpose of preventing the influence of teachers whose views were "ideologically and politically unverified" on the student environment. So-called "re-education" or "re-thinking" methods were applied to the teaching staff. The purpose of these methods was to recognize the correctness of the Soviet historical concepts and the Soviet world outlook in general. Significant requirements were placed on the students as well. Only students “with a clean political past” had the right to enter higher educational institutions. Educational and independent work with students at the historical faculties was based on the confirmation of the correctness of Marxist theories on the grounds of historical material, which was meant to become the basis for the formation of the Soviet world outlook among students of historians faculties. However, the change of the political course and redirecting education to be more technical in nature led to the elimination of the historical faculty at the Lviv State Pedagogical Institute, which established the Lviv University as the only center of higher historical education in Lviv.

Author Biography

Iryna P. Antonyak, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Master of History, Postgraduate Student of the Faculty of History, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


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