Coronavirus and political “turbulence” in Ukraine in 2020


The purpose of the article: to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the socio-political life in Ukraine. Research methods: dialectical, analytical, descriptive, system-structural. The documentary basis of the study is a large array of informational and journalistic publications devoted to individual episodes and phenomena of fighting the pandemic and its consequences. In addition to scientific interest, the author of this article was inspired to write personal observations and impressions of the treatment of the disease in one of the hospitals in Dnipro, where he had the opportunity to feel the great danger of a terrible disease and see with his own eyes unsatisfactory material and technical condition of our hospitals. The author notes extraordinary courage of doctors and all medical staff who faithfully performed their duties and fought for life and health of each person. Scientific novelty: for the first time the socio-political development of the country in connection with the pandemic, which revealed many acute problems of Ukrainian society, is comprehensively shown. Main results: incompetence of the state apparatus and unwillingness of the state to give an adequate response to a serious challenge are revealed. Medical facilities, including hospitals, are unable to accept large numbers of patients, to provide them with appropriate treatment due to outdated equipment, lack of qualified staff, low salaries of medical staff, etc. Due to the U. Suprun’s reform, who served as the Minister of Health of Ukraine during 2016–2019, the old health care system was destroyed. As for the new system, it is created “in turbo mode” on the principle of “money follows the patient”. This system proved to be ineffective in the domestic realities; in fact it is antisocial, as basic medical services are inaccessible to a large number of Ukrainian citizens. On the other hand, the central government often provoked regions and communities into disobedience, creating conflicts, in particular when carrying out ill-conceived quarantine measures and compromising itself with double standards during the quarantine. All this has led to political turbulence in the political life of Ukraine, i. e. to a socio-political phenomenon similar to the movement of the aircraft, which due to oncoming stormy air waves begins to tremble and loses control. Type of article: analytical.

Author Biography

Gennady Krivchik, Dnipro National University of Raiway Transport Named after Acadmician V. Lazaryan

D. Sc. in History, Professor, Professor and Head of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazaryan


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