Olexa Kovalenko and Maxim Rylsky

Discourse of relationships in epistolary dialogue


The purpose of this article is to highlight the relationship between Oleksa Kovalenko, a well-known in the Dnipro Ukraine writer, translator, cultural and public figure, and doctor, and a outstanding Ukrainian poet and translator, M. T. Rylsky, in the historical context of the 1940s – 1960s. Research methods. The basis of the research methodology is historical-biographical, problem-chronological, and рrosopographical. The main results. On the basis of the epistolary heritage the relationship between the well-known in the Dnipro Ukraine writer, translator, cultural and public figure, doctor by profession Oleksiy Kovalenko with the prominent Ukrainian poet, publicist, linguist, literary critic, director of the Institute of Art Studies, folklore and ethnology M.T. Rylsky is highlighted in the historical context of 1940s – 1960s. It is established that since 1944, for many years, there were constant contacts between O. Kovalenko and M. Rylsky. These contacts were based on a mutual interest in translating “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”. It is proved that the duration of their communication was based on the similarity of life experience, the circle of common acquaintances and interests. The practical significance. Research results can be used in the development of special courses and in local history educational projects. Scientific novelty. The source base of the theme is expanded by the involvement of O. Kovalenko’s and M.T. Rylsky’s epistolary heritage. Type of article: analytical.

Author Biography

Natalia Bulanova, Museum of the History of Kamyanske

Ph. D. in History, dіrector of the Museum of the History of Kamyanske


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